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"A wise woman--an admired mother and wife--when asked how, with her weak physical health and many demands upon her time, she managed to read so much, said, 'Besides my Bible, I always keep books going that are just for me--a stiff book, a moderately easy book, and a novel, and I always take up the one I feel fit for.'"
--Charlotte Mason Companion

The Spirit of the Disciplines
by Dallas Willard

Between Heaven & Hell
by Peter Kreeft

Sophie's World
by Jostein Gaarder


101 Fabulous Things About amomsmusings
11:44 p.m.


1. I was born on June 5, 1964
2. in Independence, MO.
3. Iíve always lived on a state line: MO-KS, KS-MO, KS-OK, MO-AR, WV-VA, WI-IL, TN-GA, and now back to MO-AR.
4. From the ages of 10-20 I lived on a farm.
5. Until 18 it was the same farm my grandfather was born (1905) on and died (1996) on.
6. It has been in our family for over 120 years.
7. My dad sold it to my cousin after my mom died in 2001.
8. My dad now lives around the corner from me.
9. This is either a wonderful arrangement or a horrific one, depending on my dadís attitude.
10. My momís sudden death was the hardest thing Iíve gone through in my life thus far.
11. I have a brother who is 3 years younger than me.
12. He and his family live in MD and I donít get to see them often enough.
13. Heís a truly good person and one of the coolest people I know.
14. My best friend is my husband.
15. I started dating him when I was 15.
16. I married him in the front yard of the farmhouse I was raised in one week after my 18th birthday.
17. I have absolutely no regrets about this.
18. When I got married I didnít want any children.
19. When I was 22 I changed my mind.
20. When I was 23 I had my first child.
21. She was born on November 12, 1987.
22. This was the 6th anniversary of when my husband proposed to me.
23. I now have seven children.
24. I had my 3rd, 4th, and 5th babies at home.
25. My last baby was born 2 months after I turned 40.
26. I love having a large family.
27. I enjoy being around well behaved children.
28. I want to spank (and not in a good way) the parents of all ill-behaved children.
29. I home school my children.
30. I have an 18lb. Siamese cat named Arthur.
31. I do not possess the ďdaring geneĒ that would allow me to ride vomit-inducing rides such as roller coasters.
32. I love going to Disney World.
33. I love going to the beach, too.
34. And the mountains.
35. I love snow.
36. Especially when Iím in the Smoky Mountains.
37. Especially when Iím in the Smoky Mountains of Gatlinburg, TN at Christmas time.
38. I love Krispy Kreme doughnuts.
39. I waited in line over an hour to buy 6 dozen when a new KK opened up near my home.
40. The only other thing Iíve ever waited in line that long for was to see ďThe Return of the KingĒ on opening day.
41. My favorite ethnic food is Mexican.
42. Iíve never been to another country, unless you count going over the border into Canada and Mexico.
43. Countries I want to go to are: England, Scotland, Ireland, France, Austria, Italy, and Greece.
44. I have an English pen pal Iíve written to since I was a teenager.
45. Sheís been to visit me three times.
46. The best pet I ever had was a Pekingese named Chaing.
47. The second best was my horse, Babe.
48. I sold her to buy a set of Bible commentaries for my husband.
49. When I was a kid we raised pigs.
50. I would help the sows deliver their babies.
51. Maybe this explains why Iíd like to be a midwife.
52. Or a doula.
53. I became a ďborn againĒ Christian when I was seventeen.
54. I believe God answers prayer.
55. I believe the Bible is His infallible Word.
56. I have a low tolerance for judgmental people.
57. And an equally low tolerance for people who mistreat those they consider inferior to themselves.
58. My favorite months are May and October.
59. I have children born in those months, as well as March, July, August, September, and November.
60. I rarely drink coffee, but I love lattes.
61. I prefer Coke over Pepsi.
62. And baths over showers.
63. I do not like cream-filled chocolates.
64. I love dark chocolates, especially when combined with nuts, caramel, or coconut.
65. My favorite fruits are watermelons, strawberries, nectarines, and cantaloupes.
66. I can be a leader but I prefer working behind the scenes.
67. I have always been self-employed.
68. I have never had an ďoutside of my houseĒ job. Ever.
69. I was the National Honor Society and Student Council President of my high school.
70. I did not go to college.
71. It hasnít mattered.
72. I once knew a kid who murdered his parents.
73. I weighed 100 lbs. when I got married.
74. I weighed 120 lbs. when I got pregnant the seventh time.
75. I gained 60 lbs. with that pregnancy.
76. Iíve lost 40 of those lbs.
77. I better lose the other 20!
78. I no longer have a favorite color.
79. My eyes are blue.
80. Only two of my children have blue eyes, the rest have brown.
81. The only bone Iíve ever broken is my nose.
82. I broke it while playing Batman and jumping from a top bunk when I was four.
83. The first thing I noticed about my husband were his eyes and his hands and his sense of humor.
84. I am afraid of rodents,
85. I am afraid of snakes, too.
86. I am not afraid of bugs.
87. My favorite flowers are lilies.
88. Over the years Iíve finally become a truly patient person.
89. I developed migraines during my fifth pregnancy.
90. Other than an occasional mild migraine I enjoy perfect health.
91. Iím primarily of Scotch/Irish descent.
92. I love college basketball and March Madness.
93. I donít like the liberal mediaís agenda.
94. Iíve been pregnant and/or lactating for 16 of the last 18 years.
95. My grandfather was a boot-legger during prohibition.
96. I do not have a green thumb with indoor plants.
97. As a child I had a crush on Gilligan and the Professor.
98. My favorite carry-out food is pizza.
99. My favorite drive-thru drink is S*nic cherry limeade.
100. I lived in the basement of a church for two and a half years.
101. My lifeís goal is to live so that at the end of it Iíll have no regrets. So far so good!

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